harry styles’ dick has probably been in so much shit and the fact that my vagina isnt on that list saddens me

if ur name is bradley simpson then u can do whatever u want with my body


when a bitch calls you thirsty like you don’t already know


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one direction tho

Title: No Regrets
Artist: Dappy
Played: 579 times

No Regrets // Dappy

Just came across this page fmforums(.)co(.)uk/forums/index(.)php?showtopic=163760 the comments are A+

ok this is the best thing ever i am adding some comments

wanna marry him.. one of the sexiest boys in the world.. wanna destroy him and wanna rim that ass for hours

He is so cheeky and twinky. Love him :-)

He looks like a small child.

Hot, hot, hot! Bradley should get it on with George from Union J I reckon

looks about 14, but very hot

He does have a cute ass

is that his ass for sure or a band members?

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leah u bitch i cannot believe were friends

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Detroit, MI - 8/16

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